Bug Fixing

A bug is any operation that is not in coherence with the whelms of the customer needs. One of the most crucial phases of fixing this is the testing part. We ensure that our clients receive seamless service from our end for effortless functioning. These services involve bug fixing, and different levels of testing so that you get a product that is of superior quality and bug-free. This helps in enhancing the functionality of your product and making it more adaptable and flexible to the modified environment.

We wish to deliver everything following the client’s requirements. We take critical measures in addressing bugs and our quality analyst team works diligently to identify and resolve the concern at the earliest. The risk of getting a Magento website infected with malicious code is always present. Because Magento is open source, hackers are used to injecting and modifying its structure to gain access to other Magento websites. Your product and online store reputation can be damaged by technical errors, and users may be unable to proceed due to these errors. Your brand image and value are at stake and you definitely wouldn’t want that.

Small mistakes that slip through may further lead to greater losses. Even the most trusted brands will not matter if there is a layout bug because customers abandon their purchase due to a lack of trust in the site. If the code is not written correctly, a conflict could occur that causes the site to go down. These bugs can have a huge impact on user experience and conversion rates, despite just how detrimental they can be. Strengthen your user experience and brand reputation to increase conversion rates with us. Our bug-fixing services are the talk of the town!

We often see just how impatient users are with layout bugs, faulty interactive features, error pages, and maintenance issues. Even with an unstable connection or low battery your website/app will work seamlessly.  Throughout the development process, our technical engineers create checklists, test them, and suggest improvements. No stone is left unturned when it comes to quality. We ensure compatibility of your eCommerce site in different browsers and on various operating systems as well. We fix the bug that prevents making your website and app user-friendly.