Most Popular Questions

1. How I can get 24x7 hours support?

There are other Magento support companies out there that claim to offer 24/7 support but what it really means is that you will get a response 24/7 but not the actual needed support.

MassMage on the other hand is one of kind when it comes to 24/7 instant support and this is how we do it. We have strategically hired and staffed our agents to cover all 24 hours on any given day.

Even holidays! This means that regardless of what time zone our customers are in and they need FAST Magento support they can receive it because we always have an agent ready to take on any Magento issue.

2. How long MassMage in this Business?

We are in this business from last 6+ years.

3. How many agents do you have?

In order for us to maintain around the clock instant support to customers all over the world, we must staff at a minimum 34 agents at all times to service customer requests.

This number ensures that we can keep or even do better than our average 30 minutes or less resolve time. We also have a team of agent supervisors to audit productivity and professionalism.

4. How wallet system work?

When your order was completed before time then we refund the remaining hours amount to wallet. And you can use that amount in your next order.

Even you can transfer your wallet amount to another user account in Magento site.

That’s how our Wallet System works.


5. What if you can not complete my task or not fix my issue?

The last thing we would ever want to do is to make this complicated. Here’s Our Guarantee…

  1. Your order will be assigned to an Agent and responded to immediately
  2. Our Agents will work diligently on your issue until the issue is resolved
  3. If an issue is not resolved or task is not completed, we will refund your payment right away in your registered Payment Method.
  4. We value you not the payment and pride ourselves in fixing your issue

6. How do we communicate with agent after place an order?

After Placing an Order you can communicate our agent via Real-time Chat from your Service Order Page.

7. What if I order more hours than it required?

If in case you’ve ordered more hours than required than we’ll refund that remaining hours amount in wallet.

8. What standard do you maintain for development?

We offer a team of experienced Magento developers, you automatically have an ability to perform your requirements as per the ISO 9001 development standards.