Magento provides default themes and plug-ins for most of the features that are required for all professional and personal activities needed to run a website. Still there are many a features that requires customized changes for the users and visitors to use the website. Magento has highly flexible & scalable architecture to make customize changes.

At MassMage, we have passionate experts of custom Magento developers to provide Magento installation, configuration and customization services across business activities that enables a website to run seamlessly. By customizing the website you can have better control over your business functions and user activities, high performance of business activities and best return of the implied efforts to run the website.

Our team of professional developers understands your business and utilize their complete potential to provide best customized Magento solution as per the industry trends within stipulated time frame and affordable cost. Throughout the custom Magento development process we make sure the best practices are followed that results in higher user conversion rate.

The customization of Magento theme and plugins immensely helps in:
– Enhances features of the website functionalities
– User friendly design & environment
– Greater precision and user experience
– Helps in SEO perspective
– Enhances Security
– Improves conversion rate
– Improves reporting and statistics

The Magento customization services that we offer are:
– Theme customization
– Design customization
– Plugin customization
– Custom Designed Magento Theme


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