Infection Removal


While using Magento, there is always a concern of getting site infected with malicious code. Being an open source software, understanding its structure, modifying it and injecting it to be part of other Magento websites is a usual practice of hackers.

Magento and its plugins being quick installation usage kit that is completely installed on local storage, understanding & modification of its core files is very easy for a professional. But this invites possibilities of creating malicious code that can be used to infect other Magento website.

Though most of the malicious code can be identified and cleaned by the available free and commercial Magento security plugins but still there are some malicious code residues that required developers intervention to scan and clean them. At MassMage we have team of experienced experts to scan, review and identify these remaining malicious code and clean them to make the Magento website completely virus free without effecting any process of the website. Further we make sure to take appropriate action to prevent these kind of virus to attack again and heck & infect the website. All these within a very quick time scale and budget.

The Magento infection removal and website recovery services that you can expect from MassMage are:
– Scan: We scan your website theme and plugin files for vulnerabilities, breach and malware.
– Clean: We clean any hacked files, scripts, content, spam links, database entries and backdoors loopholes.
– Optimize: We check and optimize some of the most important files of Magento to prevent future virus attack like .htaccess, -wp-config.php and xmlrpc.php.
– Remove Blacklisting: If blacklisted by the search engines due to harmful content, we take appropriate steps to remove warning.
– Reporting: We provide detailed report of the steps implemented to clean-up the Magento infection to protect your site.


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