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A W3C Validator validates and certifies a webpage’s DOM structure. W3C Validation certification for a website pages is considered as much important as the purpose of creating a website. With the other considerations for a website like website content, page looks and being user friendly, W3C Validation is equally important, as it helps to scale higher rank when the related information is searched by a user using a search engine.

A webpage is certified by W3C Validation when it has all the minimum required elements with their valid values. For a CMS like Magento , this becomes more important as the basic DOM structure is provided by Magento by default, and most of the content is also suggested by Magento or its various plugins by default. Still one need to be extremely careful while adding customized content, HTML and CSS for the website.

Even after several years of experience, some very basic mistakes like forgetting to close opened tags, improper nesting of elements, blank values for ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ attributes of a tag or some simple nesting CSS errors can lead to invalid DOM structure which is invalidated by the W3C validation tools. Preventing these errors not only certifies your webpage DOM structure but also prevent many greater problems later on like helping SEO crawlers to crawl page without any difficulty and approve it for higher ranking in search engine results.

Though there are many tools available online to validate a webpage’s DOM structure and provide suggestions on how to rectify them, but at MassMage our professionally experienced development experts takes ultimate care to avoid all such minute errors along with the major development tasks at the first hand using latest W3C Validation protocol to minimize the W3C validation cycles, be it real time data scrolls and popups, live feeds, existing DOM customization etc. This results in minimum time, effort and minimized validation cycles to get a webpage validated with authentic online W3C validators and get certified with the valid webpage DOM structure.

At MassMage , our constant effort is to keep the website pages certified with W3C validation with all the current norms and protocols, that in turn helps us to stay at the forefront of our competitors.

The W3C Validation certification services that we offer are:
– Markup Validation
– Data Validation
– HTML Validation
– CSS Validation
– AMP Validation
– Email Validation


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